About Us

Fighting for freedom takes perseverance and unwavering determination in the face of challenges, setbacks, and difficulty. For seventy-five years the NFB has led this fight and made significant progress on the road to complete freedom and equality for the blind. It will take our continued courage to “break down the remaining barriers on the last miles of the road to freedom.”

Our faith in the capacity and dignity of blind individuals is at the heart of our mission. We assert the right to be treated fairly and equally. We reject society’s low expectations that come from the ingrained belief that blindness is the characteristic that exclusively defines us.

We assert that blind people have a right to live fully and equally in the world, and from this flows our expectation that society will not artificially prevent blind people from full participation. The world is better off when all of its people can contribute all that they have to offer.

The NFB provides a loving, supportive, and encouraging family that shares in the challenges and triumphs of our blind brothers and sisters. This deeply held faith in one another sustains members during times of challenge and cheers on individual and collective successes. Love is the feeling that permeates our organization and pushes us to expect the best from each other.

The NFB is the original and largest organization of the blind. By virtue of being a democratic organization open to all blind people, we represent the issues that are important to the blind openly and fairly. National, state, and local officers are elected by the membership of the NFB to ensure a representative form of government and democratic decision-making practices. Our membership-driven structure ensures blind people may determine their own future rather than relying on others to advocate for them.

The primary purpose of the NFB is “to serve as a vehicle for collective action by the blind.” A core belief is that the blind can and will speak for themselves. Embodied in this self-determination is the understanding that progress comes from blind people working together, sharing individual dreams, and speaking with a more powerful, unified voice than any one person could on his or her own.