The mission of the National Federation of the Blind is to achieve widespread emotional acceptance and intellectual understanding that the real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight but the misconceptions and lack of information which exist. We do this by bringing blind people together to share successes, to support each other in times of failure, and to create imaginative solutions.

The National Federation of the Blind of Greater Louisville is a chapter of the NFB of Kentucky and as such is a nonprofit, charitable organization. We are the blind speaking for the blind. Our goal is to achieve security, opportunity, and equality for all blind and visually impaired people in Louisville, Kentucky. We hold regular monthly meetings and events to discuss issues that are important to us, inform and educate the community about blindness, and build skills while having a good time.

To stay current with our monthly events and meetings, you can call our talking bulletin board at 502-771-1NFB (502-771-1632), follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Facebook.  Podcasts available on iTunes and Spreaker.